Cooler Maintenance: 5 Ways That Can Help You Keep Your Coolers In Tip-Top Shape

Coolers can be an incredibly handy tool when it comes to our day-to-day lives. When it comes to our coolers, we’d like to make use of them as much and as long as we can. With this fact, cooler maintenance is more than essential to keep any kind of cooler in tip-top shape. This short article should give you a couple of tips on how you can effectively maintain your coolers.

Give Your Cooler A Deep Clean

If your cooler gets often used on camping trips, trips out of town, and other adventures, it’s essential to give it a deep clean every now and then. Cleaning your cooler can be incredibly crucial in keeping it in tip-top shape. You certainly don’t want to keep using your cooler over and over again without even cleaning it!

Chances are, your portable coolers are used for the purpose of storing food, beverage, ice, and other things. With this fact, there can be quite a few nasty molds and bad odor that will come from your cooler. You can easily tell if your cooler isn’t in tip-top shape when you’ll be able to smell nasty odors coming out of it.

In turn, when you notice a foul smell coming out of your cooler, it’s the signal to give it a deep clean. Don’t worry. Cooler maintenance is incredibly simple, and we even have a few tips on how you can do it yourself!

Don’t Sit On It

It has often been the tradition of men to use their coolers as their spare seats. By using a cooler as a seating alternative in camping trips and outdoor adventures, you can easily save yourself the hassle of bringing a chair. However, using an ice cooler as something to sit on can be quite detrimental to the longevity of the cooler.

Using your cooler as something to sit on can bring unwanted dents to your cooler. Not to mention, it can compromise the structural stability of your cooler. As simple as it may sound, this cooler maintenance tip is one that’s often missed out. You wouldn’t want your cooler to be filled with dents and incur damages at an alarming rate. It’s best if you bring a spare seat or chair to your next outdoor adventure. 

There are some chairs that are foldable and aren’t a hassle to store in the car. You’ll definitely help your cooler to increase its longevity by not sitting on it. Instead, get a foldable chair so you can sit comfortably while having your cooler filled with ice-cold beer right beside you!

Choose A Lighter Color

Believe it or not, you can ensure that your cooler is always at its tip-top shape by selecting the right color alone. When you buy a cooler, you’d like it to possess impeccable ice retention capabilities so that you can store food, beverage, and other stuff in it. Subsequently, a light-colored cooler will absorb less heat.

With this fact, the capability to keep a cooler in tip-top shape starts before you purchase it. Anyone can make sure that their cooler will retain its ice retention capabilities for the longest time by picking a lighter color. Luckily, Zilla Coolers has plenty of light colorways when it comes to their premium portable coolers.

Add An Insulating Mat

Owners of coolers can also add a little bit of DIY steps to keep your cooler in tip-top shape. Keeping your cooler in tip-top shape can be as simple as adding an insulating mat into it. You can either use some wool or an insulated blanket as your own insulating mat. Simply cut it and make it fit across the top of your cooler, just below its lid.

Adding an insulating mat will effectively ensure that everything inside the cooler will remain chilly. And while you can consider this as one of the needed cooler accessories, it’s still an important cooler maintenance tip. With this fact, you can store everything from ice, food, or any beverages without the fear of unwanted exposure to warmth. It’s definitely doable and effortless to do!

Pre-Chill The Cooler

Everyone who’ll be bringing along their coolers for an outdoor adventure wants to get the most out of their coolers. In order to get the most out of a portable cooler, it’s best to pre-chill it for at least 24 hours before your trip. You can pre-chill your cooler by adding a cold source into your cooler to bring its internal temperature down.

You can also double down on the pre-chill method by pre-chilling your food and beverages too before your trip. The colder your food and drinks are, the longer they’ll stay cold in your cooler. Avoid bringing or packing any warm cans of liquid or any warm substance in general.


In every camping trip or outdoor adventure, it’s best to bring a portable cooler along for the ride. In turn, it’s more than essential to keep a cooler in tip-top shape on every journey! 

As we said, a portable cooler can be a handy tool when it comes to outdoor adventures. Subsequently, you can ensure that it remains in tip-top shape with the five tips we’ve mentioned above!